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Tuesday August 15th, 2017

Buckle up Torontonians, because you’re all in for a treat. If there’s one thing the German’s like to do, it’s invading places, and on September 1st, they’ll be invading Toronto with the Deutsche inspired Slip and Slide Semen Party. This wild event originated in one of Berlin’s top clubs, where revellers would often strip naked, masturbate all over the floor, and slip and side in each other’s semen.

“The German Slip and Slide Semen Party is something of a tradition in Berlin,” says party promoter Igdon Yahlibara. “They’re very common. Most Berliners have attended at least one such event in their lives, many attend them weekly. After I witnessed my first Semen Slip and Slide night, I knew I needed to bring something like it to the people of Toronto. There is something absolutely magical about sliding down a man-milk covered floor like an oily sausage while everyone around you claps and hollers.”

Many Torontonians are looking forward to the event. “I bought my ticket the moment I first heard about it,” says Jennifer Hawley, a 23 year old nursing student. “I really can’t wait to experience what a semen slip and slide party is like. I bet it’s a lot classier than a bukkake party!”

According to Igdon, not only are the events classier than Bukkake parties, but the music is a lot better too. “Semen Slip and Slide parties play only the finest trap music,” says Igdon. “If it’s not trap, than it’s not an authentic semen sliding experience.”
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