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Tuesday July 25th, 2017

You have all heard of the infamous foot fetish, it’s not very common amongst any demographic. Still popular somehow. Do you have dirty feet, from dancing to terrible electronic music for eight hours? And your feet smell like nothing else? Consider pimping your feet instead of your twat so you don’t have to feel ashamed. How could you degrade yourself as much as having sex with strangers for money? Even high-class escorts look low-class in comparison.

I’m high right now having an existential crisis. Just meet this foot guy. You will be happy I promise. You can be a coot raver gurl or look like a trashy gurl who is an overweight crackhead. Have some fuqhead lick your feet for fun hahahah. You won’t hav3 s3x for $$$$ you hoes don’t get an education. Fuck that bachelor or major. You will never be that achieving chemistry professor. Sorry. Not sorry.

Now that I’m more right minded and less in a k hole I will now talk again how to get connections doing porn without doing porn. Find a gross overweight man who is French living in the plateau and that’s probably the guy who is the producer. French people are weirder and low-class so makes sense and let him talk to you. His Facebook has a profile picture of a foot. Check the hoes on your fb and you might find him. If I told you his name that would make it too easy. Hunt for his money. Where’s the fun in making it easy?

When you’re there in his fancy loft. He will try the netflix’n’chill move and provide alcohol. He will designate to put your feet on his face on the couch. You can pick whatever show or movie you would like to watch. However, remember to say degrading things towards him about your feet. Make him feel punished. Bleh of course pretend you’re enjoying yourself and throw in an anime kawaii desu moan~~~!

By the end, I got paid more than what I was promised which is cool maybe because I’m prettier than yew. You suck. Cuntsha worked for him that’s cool I guess. Ask him to show you the video of her that’s the real Easter egg. By the way, he offers more than just foot stuff if you’re not good with your feet. Lol who hasn’t seen Cuntsha fuck or hasn’t fucked her. Anyway, I’m done soon. I hope you enjoyed this shitty article I wrote. Maybe it will have inspired some of you or make you reflect upon yourself like I did while writing this. I like to dominate and spit on people’s faces and piss in their mouth. Yeah, he offers that too =] Have fun weirdos. Sadly, Paul ended up taking the money I made so your money will always end up in the hands of your bf (pimp). Paul is a gross heroin junkie who steals from everyone who tries to help him and is an all-time manipulator. Plus he smells like cat pee all year long. He pretends to have cancer and claim he’s part black. His nationality changes every day with his mood though.
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