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Sunday September 10th, 2017

September is here! It’s the beginning of the school year and it was a Friday night so what could possibly go wrong? Let me tell you that your local rave organiser brought teenagers to a strip club and one even as young as 15 years old. This all happened on the same night as “Villa Paradizo 2017” a large attraction for underage pseudo ravers along with the attribution of commercialized rave culture from the scene being exploited. It sucked so bad needless to say.

The whole squad ditched the horrible event and what else could they do? All the bars on crescent were over capacity and carding everyone. The squad consisted of Anthony Lasalle an infamous organizer, 15 year old Katie and 18 year old Erin. Anthony Lasalle is known to be in his thirties or rumour has it he’s much older than he claims. “Strip clubs don’t card and even my legal adult friend didn’t have her ID” says Anthony defensively to our reporter. It was very kind of him to treat his friends to some contact dances nonetheless. An exotic petite bubbly dancer named Ivy swiftly came up to them offering her time and service. The dancer was a sweetheart and decided to give free lap dances to the girls, but not to Anthony.

Anthony and all the girls went the VIP room. Ivy stripped off her sheer one piece of lingerie to get fully nude. She began to molest and grind everyone shaking her jiggly bum to the beat. Innocent Katie didn’t want to touch Ivy, but Anthony insisted and guided her hand to grope her curvy parts. Ivy really was moaning super loud probably because she was so turned on. The girls were cheering for her and worshipping her beauty. Erin accidentally fingered Ivy, but she didn’t care. Anthony sucked on her nipple once and she told him to stop immediately. Time was up, Erin blurted out that Katie was 15 and all was chill.

The manager of the club came up to Katie and Erin and offered them work as dancers knowing their age. Strip clubs are a shady business and how do they get away with not getting busted by the cops? The house makes so much money from hiring underage dancers that they bribe the SPVM to stay out of legal trouble. Not to mention, crooked cops like the fantasy of young girls working there. “I just want to make it rain cash.” says naïve Katie and Erin sheepishly agrees. It’s a mutual justice scenario. The true predator here is Anthony Lasalle for lying about how old he is. Honesty is the best policy and the system is corrupt. Fuck Anthony Lasalle.
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