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Wednesday April 13th, 2016

Dubstep is out and cuckstep is in -- at least according to music producers in California. “Oh yeah, no one listens to dubstep anymore,” says Jayce Smith. “If you want to make a name for yourself in the EDM scene, you’ve got to release a cuckstep album. That’s what all the cool kids are listening to these days.”

Cuckstep is the newest, hottest music genre to set the techno world on fire. It’s what you get when you mix retarded shit that progressives say with techno music. It’s a glorious and irreverent genre designed to piss off snot nosed University brats who think that the world should kneel before them in supplication.

Punk used to be the music of rebellion, but that was back in the days before the progressive left became The Man. The rise of Silicon Valley has forever changed the political balance of our society. In the past the academic assholes who pollute our Universities were treated with the contempt that they so rightfully deserve, but now those self-important twats are being taken seriously by the socially inept losers who run Silicon Valley.

The end result is that left-wing academic bullshit has become the lingua franca of the new ruling class. Let’s be clear, these nerdy assholes don’t give two righteous fucks about gender issues or minority rights or any of the other Tumblr terms that they love to vomit up day in and day out. Left wing dogma is, in the hands of these billionaire dweebs and their noisy academic lapdogs, a shibboleth that helps identity people by their social class. Public avowals of left-wing ideology are how members of the bourgeoisie, the credentialed classes, and the nouveau riche identify each other. They promote equality in theory, but inequality in practice. The language of the political left is is the verbal equivalent of a Rolex watch or a Louis Vuitton bag. It’s all about showing off that you’re high status.

That’s what makes cuckstep so refreshing. Cuckstep mocks the empty moral posturing of the academic class. It sticks out its tongue at these naked emperors and taunts them into putting on some bloody pants.

Cuckstep takes the faux outrage of hipster student activists and turns it into a joke. Its very existence points to growing resistance against the unholy alliance of the credentialed class and its wealthy patrons. The academic left, by embracing social status as a bludgeon to use against its opponents, has made itself vulnerable to attacks on their own social status. And those attacks are just getting started.
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