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Monday May 25th, 2015

Menses Fest is getting rave reviews from Montreal party goers of all genders and orientations. “It’s the most primal gathering I’ve ever attended,” says 19 year old Menses fan Claudia Quim. “Imagine shaking your ass on a dance floor that’s red with human blood. It’s amazing! Everyone should experience that sensation at least once."

Free bleeding parties might be new to Montreal, but they’ve been going on since time immemorial. In their most recent incarnation, women who are on their periods wear shirts, skirts, and nothing else as they connect with the mother goddess through great music, great food, and the love of sisterhood.

“This isn’t just about celebrating womanhood,” says Menses Fest organizer Kiki Plaute. “This is about celebrating the human body, it’s about affirming that there’s nothing any of us have to be ashamed of when it comes to this vessel of ours that we were born into. So many women are taught to feel ashamed of their bodies, and Menses Fest is a giant fuck you to that nonsense. We are who are and if you have a problem with, we’ll bleed all over your face."

Party goer Henry Von Morganberg agrees with that attitude. “I'm 5'3 and have a small penis,” says Henry. “Should I be ashamed of that? No, I don’t think so. No one should be ashamed of what the mother goddess gave us. We should embrace who we are and see the beauty in our bodies. Life is far too short to spend any energy on being anxious over people’s opinions of what our bodies should be like. When I see these girls bleeding all over the place like Mother Earth intended, it makes me happy. They’re living their own truths in open defiance of a world that would have them kneel and conform to arbitrary standards of beauty and hygiene."

Kiki says she looks forward to organizing next years Menses fest. “My hope is that more and more women will adopt the free bleeding lifestyle. Get rid of your tampons, ditch your pads, toss out your diva cups. Go out there and bleed. Once you let your blood touch the ground, you’ll be amazed at how connected you feel to the world."
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