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Friday March 6th, 2015

Many Concordia students are praising the promoter of the wildly successful Ironic Nazi Party, calling the event a brutal critique of the decadence and moral stagnation of Western civilization.

“Montreal’s first Ironic Nazi Party was so much fun,” says reveller Justin Tresblanc. “It was really transgressive and edgy. I hope it becomes a regular thing."

Revellers spent the night dancing to the nazi beats of DJ Hatesampler and his merry band of fascist provocateurs.

“I looked out my dorm room window and saw hundreds of people with little red bands on their arm and swastika shaped glowsticks in their hands,” says 19 year old Jennifer Greer. “They kept chanting Sieg Heil over and over again. It made me feel a little uncomfortable.”

That discomfort was exactly what event organizer Jordan Smith hoped to achieve. “We’re not really Nazi sympathizers,” says Jordan. “Our event is ironic. We threw a Nazi themed rave to shine a light on how oppressive liberal democracy is. The party itself was an act of performance art in which we reinterpreted the conformity of Nazi era Germans through a post-modern lens. At the end of the day, our party was meant to show how modern Canadians are worse than Nazi era Germans."

Sociologist Vlad Godwin thinks that Jordan’s event helps shine a light on the kind of dangerous thinking that has become common among Canadians. “I study the sociology of identity,” says Vlad. “And my research shows that liberal democratic societies are forty eight times more oppressive than fascist governments. Jordan’s rave was a brilliant critique of how regular Canadians are complicit in perpetuating a brutal political system that is far less humane than National Socialism. Jordan’s Ironic Nazi Party forces Canadians to confront how terrible they are on an immutable and intrinsic level. You’re offended by Nazis? Well, Canadians are even worse than Nazis. They need to own that fact and commit collective suicide.”

Many University students agree. “Okay, so Nazi Germany was sort of bad, but it was nowhere near as awful as Canada, which is basically hell,” says anthropology student Polly Mizzandro. “I never realized that until I started attending Concordia. My teachers here have opened my eyes as to how terrible our society is, how we are all personally responsible for it being terrible, and how our terribleness means we all deserve to die an agonizing death. The planet would be much better off if we just threw Western civilization in the trash. I had a great time at Jordan’s Ironic Nazi Rave. It felt like I was kicking our awful society right in the teeth. Ironic Sieg Heil!”

Some University professors find views like Polly’s troubling. “Off the record, I think Polly is dangerously misguided,” says one historian who refused to be named. “Her views are increasingly common among students, professors, and administrators. It’s gotten so bad, that you can’t even criticize Ironic Nazi Parties without fearing for your job. If I spoke out against this publicly, I’d be saying goodbye to my career. These days, if you don’t think liberal democracy is essentially and immutably awful, you can’t succeed as an academic. Department heads will blacklist you for being offended by so-called ironic nazi parties, which aren’t ironic at all. They were playing actual Nazi techno made by actual neo-nazis. The promoters, just like real nazis, hate democracy, hate capitalism, and hate freedom of speech. What’s ironic about that?”
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