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Tuesday March 12th, 2013

David Dawdler never thought it would happen to him. "I've been a party promoter for over fifteen years. I've done a lot of hard drugs during that time. Coke, crack, meth, peyote, DMT, PCP, ketamine, bath salts, hell I've even huffed gas on a few occasions. I've treated my body like shit for years and it always kept on going, so I was absolutely shocked when the doctor told me that I had gout."

Gout is relatively rare in people under the age of 50. "One out of a thousand men between the ages of 50 to 65 develop gout," says Ellen Sanger, a dietitian at the Hebrew Wellness Center. "It's very rare for people under 50 to develop gout. If you're young and you get gout, It's because you haven't been eating a healthy diet."

"Gout often manifests as an inflammatory arthritic attack," says Ellen. "It can make walking painful." David had to use a cane in order to get around. "I'm 33 years old and I'm walking around with a cane. Why? It's not because I've ruined my body with drugs. Nope, I have to walk with a cane because for the last eight months, I've been eating nothing but fast food. My diet of hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken wings has thrown my body into chaos and now I'm paying the price."

David's diet took a turn for the worse once he started his new job managing the website for an escort service. "I've been working around the clock on this website and I just couldn't bother with cooking food anymore. Instead, I started eating out exclusively. It's funny, 13 years of hardcore drug usage and I rarely ever got sick. 8 months of fast food and I can barely walk."

The gout is an easily treated condition. "The doctor's gave me some medication and I've stopped eating out all the time," says David. "I'll be fine. It just goes to show you though, sometimes you're better off taking crack than you are eating a hamburger."
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