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Wednesday March 13th, 2013

Jessica Duprix and Alice Genereux spent most of Friday night on their knees. The two best friends were returning from their drug dealers apartment when disaster struck. "We were walking down Prince Arthur with a few eight balls of coke that we had bought for our friend's bachelorette party," says Jessica. "Nature had other plans in store for our cocaine, though."

"I wanted a pre-party taste," says Alice. "So the two of us decided to walk to Carre St-Louis and have ourselves a few lines. We found an empty park bench, took out our bag of coke, a pocket mirror, a bank card, and rolled ourselves a fifty dollar bill. I was about to prepare my first line when everything went to hell." Unfortunately for the intrepid duo, a strong gust of wind snatched the bag of coke out of Alice's hand. "The wind carried the bag up in the air, it snowed white powder all over Carre St-Louis. We were horrified. Hundreds of dollars of coke, gone."

The women were inconsolable at first. "We were devastated. Coke isn't cheap," says Jessica. "But we didn't want to give up so easily. We decided to macguyver it. We got on our knees, and started collecting as much of the cocaine back as we could. We were scraping it off the floor with business cards that I had in my purse. It was sad."

It took them an hour to reclaim a fraction of their eight ball. "By the end of that hour, we realized there was no way we could save all of it. Instead, we called up our friends, told them what happened, and invited them to come down to the park and enjoy some dirty ass cocaine. If we couldn't scoop the cocaine up, we could at least sniff it off the ground."

Soon, the pair were joined by half a dozen friends who spent the night crawling across the park, sniffing the ground. "We were like dogs," says Jessica. "It was the dirtiest high any of us ever had. I'm pretty sure cocaine was the healthiest thing that went up our noses that night."

The two women say they learned a valuable lesson from their ordeal. "Never try snorting something when it's windy," says Jessica. "You're just going to have a bad time."
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