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Saturday September 29th, 2012

Lisa Lapin asked Richard Marioni to pay her rent at the end of their first date together. "I met Richard at Goa Gate 5, and I thought he was so handsome and charming," Lisa told Rave News. "I was delighted when he asked me out on a date at the end of the night."

They spent thirty minutes talking over coffee at Cafe Velours. "I told Richard all about my family, my eight cats and the wonderful people I met in rehab. He was so invested in everything I had to say. It was love at first sight. I told him I'd bring my mother with me on our next date, because I thought it was important that he meet his future mama-in-law as soon as possible. His reaction was adorable! He was so shy. He just sat in his seat, fidgeting, nervously looking around, eyeing the doors."

Lisa said things only got better from there. "Oh, I was already telling him about our wedding plans fifteen minutes after he sat down. It's going to be a white wedding, he'll pay for everything of course. I've got my wedding dress all picked out, I know which ring I want, what suit he should wear, I've got the bridesmaids dresses all figured out. His jaw just hit the floor when I told him about our plans for our special day! He was obviously impressed with my organizational skills."

When the time for the check came around, Richard quickly paid for it before leaving. "As he was heading out the door, I grabbed him by the hand, looked into his lovely blue eyes, and I asked him when I could expect a check for the rent at my apartment, since he'd be moving in. He just shifted his eyes nervously again and laughed. He's so shy. I can't wait four our second date."

Richard, however, doesn't think a second date is in the card. "That bitch is crazy," he told Rave News. "That's the last time I pick a girl up at a Goa party."
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