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Monday September 24th, 2012

A new fad is sweeping through Montreal, causing ravers to open up their apartments to strangers for what some have dubbed Mystery Drug Parties. Cegep student Jacques Couriers threw his first mystery party last week and was bowled over by how well it went. "Mystery drug parties are a blast," says Jacques. "And they're easy to throw. Just invite people over to clean up your apartment, and whatever drugs they find they get to keep. At my party, one girl found a dime bag of pot I'd forgotten about, another guy found five tabs of LSD I had lost last spring. You never know what high you'll get, so it's a mystery. By the end of the night, everyone is wasted and your place is spotless."

Mystery Drug Parties are the brain child of veteran promoter Paul Finkelstein. "I'm far too lazy to clean up after myself plus I also do a lot of drugs," says Paul. "I do so many drugs, that I'm always finding strange pills on the floor, or half smoked joints in the cupboards. Drugs are always playing hide and seek in my house. Last year, my girlfriend was complaining about how there was mould growing on my bedsheets, and told me if I didn't clean our place up, she'd stop having sex with me. Apparently, she'd get yeast infections whenever we'd do it at my place."

Faced with this ultimatum, Paul did what any lazy promoter does, and got a bunch of other people to do the work for him. "I asked for volunteers over Facebook. I told my followers that I was having a clean-up party, and they could keep whatever drugs they found. The response was huge. Fifty people showed up. You'd think with a crowd that big, the apartment would be worst off by the end of it all, but it wasn't. It was clean and sparkly. Every one got high, everyone got drunk, a couple of people had sex in my kitchen, but when everyone left, my apartment was so clean, you could have eaten off the floor."

After Paul's party, dozens of copy cats followed in his wake. "These days, a week rarely goes by without a mystery drug party," said Jacques. "I even heard that people in other cities are starting to throw them. My friend in New York went to one. Mystery drug parties are going global."
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