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Tuesday September 25th, 2012

Partiers pummelled Paul Gauthier, a whistle sales man, at Dub Hawk Down this week-end. The rave, promoted by Louis Rinsom of Phat Louis Productions, descended into chaos once ravers started attacking Paul. "I just wanted to bring joy to the rave community with my colourful whistles," says Paul. "But instead, I was the target of hatred and violence. Now I can't look at a whistle without breaking into a cold sweat."

The trouble started after several dozen people started using the whistles they bought from Paul. "I paid to listen to dubstep," says Jonathan Farouk, one of Paul's many attackers. "I didn't pay to listen to whistles. A bunch of us just got fed up and beat the shit out of that whistle selling asshole."

Louis Rinsom, who had given Paul permission to sell at his event, had to intervene to protect him when things got out of hand. "I was fending off ravers with a mop, pushing them back. They were like mindless zombies, full of bloodlust," says Louis. "They wanted to kill Paul. I felt bad for him and since I had told him he could sell his whistles at my party, I had take responsibility for the whole fiasco. My parties are all whistle free from here on out. I think people over-reacted, but I don't want to risk another riot."

Emma Manson disagrees. "People were right to get violent. Whistles are obnoxious. Anyone who uses a whistle at a party should have their arms tied to the back of one car and their legs tied to the back of another. If the ravers don't repent their whistling ways, the cars should rip them in half," says Emma.

Paul wasn't the only victim of a whistle related beating that night. "After we attacked Paul, we started jumping anyone who blew a whistle that night," says Jonathan. "We must have kicked about fifteen, maybe sixteen whistle blowing asses that night. I hope the carnage we wrought sends a message to the rave community. No more whistles. Or else."
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