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Thursday November 1st, 2012

A community alert has been issued in Montreal about a new subculture referred to as ‘Psy Bros’.

‘Psy Bros’ is a recent merging of two separate subcultures: the electronic ‘psychedelic rave’ culture of the early 2000’s and the more recent culture known as ‘guidos’, popularized by the smash hit reality TV show Jersey Shore. Psy Bro fashion includes the wearing of reflective aviator sunglasses, open t-shirts, shiny pants containing psychedelic patterns, and expensive neon-coloured stylized dreadlocks. The use of the word ‘bro’ among males who identify with the subculture is extremely common and one of their major traits.

Young men identifying with the Psy Bro culture have been implicated in several recent assaults and destruction of property cases. A common tactic among Psy Bros is to find party listings on facebook, invite themselves and all their friends, and show up unannounced. Once present at a party, Psy Bros will take over any available musical device, or in many cases, rapidly deploy their own portable DJ booth with high-powered speakers. They will then proceed to blast psychedelic ‘electronic trance’ music at extremely dangerous volumes, use any available surface for the insufflation of powdered drugs, and smash up any record collection that is not some form of psychedelic trance music.

Psy Bros will often violently attack any partygoers who protests their takeover of a party. In many cases floorboards can be damaged by their violent drug-fueled dancing. A recent case in the Montreal suburb of St-Lambert resulted in a small riot requiring police intervention and the use of tear gas. In all documented cases of Psy Bro attacks, extensive evidence of drug use and alcoholic binge drinking (usually of Jagermeister) are present. Psy Bros will indiscriminately invade any sort of party including church dances, weddings, fundraisers, and Bar Mitzvahs.

The takeover of parties is known as ‘Bro Crashing’ and is often filmed and uploaded to youtube to earn bragging rights. Groups of Psy Bros around the world discuss their takeovers on popular websites such as Reddit and tumblr. Authorities say the subculture is growing at an unstoppable rate across North America and Europe. Several Montreal area schools have banned Psy Bro related attire due to the negative connotations associated with the subculture.

Use of the dissociative tranquilizer drug Ketamine and synthetic derivatives known as ‘Fakamine’ is extremely popular among Psy Bros. Because of their likelihood of intoxication and penchant for violence, it is recommended that anyone matching the description of a Psy Bro be avoided at all costs.
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