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Friday November 2nd, 2012

Montreal native, former computer programmer, and self described 'cyberpunk raver' Marco Duchene is convinced he is stuck in a 1980s dystopian cyberpunk novel. After an LSD fuelled weekend playing Deus Ex (a futuristic computer game) and reading William Gibson novels, Marco claims he is actually a part of a cyberpunk dystopian future.

We met in a dark cafe, where Marco ordered a black coffee.

"We are in sprawl, I swear" He explained.

"Everywhere I go, everyone is connected to an online social interaction system run by mega-corporations. They spy on our activities and sell our identities. Electronic music is everywhere, people don't even play instruments anymore. Everything is wireless and tablets. We are in the future."

Marco, clad in black leather pants and jacket, wearing designer buckle boots and reflective sunglasses, went on to explain the extent of the problem.

"Hackers are attacking governments. Everything is changing. The music, the music is not even real. Unlimited cyber pornography is rampant. Kids grow up so fast. But the corporations run everything. They sell us drugs to make us think faster. Stuff like Ritalin and Adderall. Kids are popping pills, listening to computer music, and selling their identities to mega-corporations online! It's insanity. I'm here to warn everyone."

Marco went on to place a bottle of pills of his own on the cafe's table.

"This is Zyprexa, my psychiatrist says it should calm me down and make the delusions stop. I think it's bullshit. It's the corporation's way of controlling me."

"You know the new iPhone? They use that to track you. Do you think GPS is just to help you find your way? We just hand the government and the mega-corporations everything, including our location. People are sheep."

Marco unfolded a piece of paper, claiming it to be his manifesto.

"I have everything here, all the diagrams. It's so obvious. Google, Apple, and Mark Zuckerberg control everything. They exploit children's personal information. They're a bunch of sadists".

"The mass media also uses music to control kids. You know that guy Skrillex, it reminds me of modem sounds. It is data being sent! It is mind control. That's the only reason the kids love it. I bet he's friends with Zuckerberg."

Marco's parents did not want to comment on his condition.
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