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Tuesday October 12th, 2010

A small and shady Montreal based adult movie production outfit has reportedly launched an upskirt site dedicated to our wonderful city's nightlife. Two men, armed with a variety of well concealed cameras, are prowling clubs, bars, and parties in order to capture glimpses of the lovely underthings adorning the netherbits of female party goers. These men, both in their mid twenties, got the idea after stumbling across a Japanese porno site dedicated to clubber upskirts.

The exact modus operandi of our illicit smut makers isn't known at this time, though we do have knowledge of at least one trick these men are using to capture videos and pictures of party panties. One raving damsel, an acquaintance of the two men, alleges that she caught them filming her using a well placed shoulder bag that had a cheap Flip Mino camera peering out of it.

There's a good chance that these pornographers are not only concealing cameras in shoulder bags. They might also be acting in a more brazen manner, like Darin Burkholder of Pennsylvania, who was recently arrested for allegedly snapping upskirt shots of Walmart customers using his cellphone camera. Oddly enough, another man, Mario Esquivel-Jimenez, was arrested in Idaho for the same crime -- catching snatch shots at Walmart. At least our local voyeuristic miscreants have a modicum of taste. Who needs Walmart when you've got raves?

Camera phones and loaded shoulder bags are only two means by which these sneaky perverts might be filming up your skirt. They could also take a page out of Erik Alvarado's book. This Utah man was arrested a month ago for taking pictures up a variety of dresses using a camera that had been concealed in his shoe. We can't say for sure if our two depraved reprobates are using this camera-in-the-shoe trick, but considering the amount of time and effort that is apparently going into their creepy activities, there's a good chance they are.

Keep your eyes open for these perverts. You never know which party they'll hit or which club they'll visit.
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