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Wednesday October 13th, 2010

A group of four Montreal ravers have a malicious game they like to play at the end of the parties they go to. Many of you might remember going to birthday bashes as little children, and getting a grab bag at the end. These gift bags would have all sorts of trinkets inside -- candy, small toys, cards, and dollar store knick knacks, among other things. You never knew what you were getting until you opened up the bag.

Our four ravers apparently miss being treated like eight year olds, so they've decided to bring the past into the present. Raves don't give out grab bags, but that hasn't stopped these enterprising party kids from simply grabbing unattended bags as they leave the parties they go to. On the ride back home, the ravers then compare the surprise loot in the bags they took.

It's a contest, and whoever finds the best gear in their bag "wins" the game. The winner is decided through a point system -- electronics are worth more than legal pharmaceuticals and prophylactics, though they're not worth nearly as much as humiliating personal items like diaries and pictures. Sex toys and self-porn though are most sought after goodies. One time, one of the thieves found an iPhone full of home made pornography and explicit chat logs on it.

The prize for victory changes after every party, but it usually involves the losers buying some drugs and alcohol for the winner. None of the participants can steal more than one bag per party, so the four thieves are generally picky about which bags they take.

Let this be a warning to all of you: keep an eye on your backpacks and purses once the party you're at starts winding down, because these jerks might prance away with them. And don't forget to password protect your iPhone. Especially if it's loaded with videos of you giving blowjobs to people.
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