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Tuesday November 30th, 2010

This psytrance crew had just finished throwing one of their most successful parties ever. The mess that had been left behind was epic in scale, and several volunteers had stayed behind to help clean it up. To show their appreciation, the promoters decided to order pizza for all of them. Their generosity would set off a chain of events that no one could foresee. One of the volunteers, a deco artist, was joshing around with a prominent DJs girlfriend, when he decided to slap her in the face with a slice of everybody's favorite Italian dish.

He thought his act of food warfare was hilarious, but his victim didn't share his mirth. She looked at him in shock, tomato sauce and cheese dripping down her face, before launching into a furious tirade against him. At the heart of her anger was the fear that she was going to get zits because of his food throwing ways. When he started laughing her concerns off, something in the back of her head snapped, and she lunged at him. She landed a good punch right in his face before the other volunteers pulled her off of him. The promoters asked the deco guy to leave, which he did, though he couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

The deco artist didn't fully appreciate how upset the girl was with him. He thought she would eventually calm down and let things slide, but that never happened. Later that week, he saw her at a club her boyfriend was playing at, and the first thing she did upon seeing him was dump a glass of beer over his head. Several days later, he came back home to find a voodoo doll hanging from a noose attached to the handle of his front door. There was a little note attached to the doll's chest with a single word written on it: "YOU."

The deco artist has tried making peace with this woman on several occasions since receiving the voodoo doll, but she wants nothing to do with him. Prior to the pizza fight, she and her boyfriend would often drop by his place and share a couple beers, but since the night of the attack, they haven't been by even once. His food slapping ways have cost him two friendships, and made him an unwelcome figure among certain psytrance circles.

The deco artist has since learned his lesson, and now believes that food should never be used as a weapon.
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