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Wednesday December 1st, 2010

A Montreal promoter has recently become estranged from his friends and families after embracing a disturbing new diet philosophy. He doesn't think people should eat animals, but he's not a vegan or even a vegetarian. He's an aspiring cannibal. For the last two months, he's been telling anyone who would listen that human beings should consider eating their dead; to do otherwise is a waste of food, and unlike eating animals, eating people is ethical since folks can consent to being eaten, while animals cannot.

His new point of view has been hard to stomach for those who know and love him. They thought he was joking when he first told them about his desire to feast on human flesh, but they soon realized he was dead serious about his passion for cannibalism. His friends and family are now concerned for his well being, and some of them suspect that he might be going through a psychological breakdown.

If he is going crazy, then he has to be one of the most grounded lunatics out there. He's been spreading the cannibal gospel for the last six weeks, and has converted at least a few people to his man-eating ways. This crew of cannibal connoisseurs are even talking about starting a non profit organization to advance their cause.

They think that if people want to eat each other, then the government has no business telling them otherwise. The rave promoter, as the leader of this small group, also argues that we could solve world hunger if we simply started eating our dead. He maintains that an enormous amount of human meat is wasted every day in funerals and cremations, and that this meat could be used to feed starving people around the world. This is a radical argument, so you can understand why people are starting to find this promoter unsettling to be around. Is he crazy though? Well, maybe not.

Who knows? Hundreds of years from now, our descendants might think we're crazy for burying people instead of eating them.

Values change. Maybe he isn't a lunatic. Maybe he's a visionary.
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