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Monday November 29th, 2010

Prince William, Canada's next king, was recently engaged. It's kind of a big deal. Over in the United Kingdom, the wedding day will be a national holiday, and everyone will get to play hookie from work. However, the Brits aren't the only ones who are going to use the royal wedding as an excuse to get wasted and party -- a group of royalist ravers in Montreal are planning to throw a huge bash to celebrate the union of the King and Queen who will one day rule over them.

Tentatively titled White Wedding, the party will take place on April 29th, the day that Prince William and Kate Middleton's will tie the knot. They chose to get married on the 29th to accomodate Prince Harry, who will be enjoying a two week break from military service at the end of April.

While the royals are getting hitched at Westminster Abbey, the royalist ravers in Montreal will be partying at a mansion in Senneville. Apparently, they've found a wealthy blue blood patron who is funding the whole damn shindig. He's even paying out of pocket for buses to bring people in from the city to the mansion kind of like those old school parties that used to bus people from Milton / Clark to the middle of nowhere.

The anonymous benefactor used to rave back in the nineties, and he thought it would be nice to relive his youth on the day one of his idols, Prince William, says his wedding vows. As a result of his largess, many people will benefit.

I'm sure his won't be the only party going on to celebrate the royal wedding, but it'll probably be the fanciest.
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