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Tuesday November 23rd, 2010

In the back alleys of the Old Port, barely a stone throw away from the Basilica Notre Damn, a grungy Jungle party took place in a non-descript loft that attracted the scum of the city: frothing at the mouth ravers that were coked up, blitzed out, and angry at the world. The party's line-up of has-been DJs who haven't played raves since meth went out of style and Technodium closed shop wasn't the worst thing about the party; it was the punk ass brats who flipped their lids and started causing mayhem. They broke windows, smashed up pavement, knocked down trash cans, and even managed to over turn a couple of cars.

The event organizer, which is probably too strong a term for the jackass who threw this little disaster, would have avoided a lot of grief if he had kept the noise down and ensured that none of the ravers spilled out into street while the party was going on. He didn't, people complained, and the cops came by. They not only shut the party down, but the dumbass promoter is now facing a mess of trouble for selling booze without a license, as well as for selling it to minors. He's also certainly going to be evicted, so let's just say he regrets ever throwing the party.

Unfortunately for the police, the kids didn't leave the loft peacefully, and instead started to riot as they spilled out into the streets. Things got tense, and the kids started to fight the officers. Before you knew it, you had a bunch of brats dancing on top of cars, throwing rocks, and basically making a nasty stink of things. Many of them were chanting "Baise la police!" while taunting the officers to come and arrest them.

Which they did.

It didn't take long for the riot cops to show up, and mere moments after they arrived, a dozen ravers were taken down. Most of the kids got away, but those who didn't now have a date with the courts. Here's hoping they throw the book at them.
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