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Wednesday November 24th, 2010
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Anyone who has ever watched the Antique Roadshow knows that some people have hidden treasures in their house. One lucky Montreal raver found that fact out for himself when he stumbled across a dusty old painting tucked away in his parent's attic.

He was helping his folks move out when he discovered the old family heirloom, which his own parents had forgotten they even owned. It had been given to them as a wedding gift by a crazy uncle with a twisted sense of humor. The painting depicts a pack of wild dogs eating a horse. Hardly an appropriate wedding gift. The couple found the thing so hideous that they tucked it away and forgot all about it.

Their rave loving son, though, wasn't nearly as dismissive of the piece. He found it so fascinating that he tracked down the crazy uncle, who was still alive at eighty five, and asked him about it. Turns out the painting had been gifted and regifted as a prank for over a hundred years. The crazy uncle had got it from an old friend of his as a birthday gift when he was twenty one, and that friend had gotten it as a Christmas gift from his brother years before that, and that brother had gotten it as a joke from his wife, and the wife had gotten it as a joke from her dad when she was a little girl. He didn't know where her dad got it from, but he did know who had painted it -- an obscure, revolutionary era French painter named Alexandre De Languisse.

The raver looked up who De Languisse was, and after putting in a great deal of time and effort, he discovered the man had a small cult following among a certain class of rich weirdos. Marilyn Manson, for example, is rumored to own three of De Languisse's paintings.

De Languisse seemed to specialize in horribly painted scenes of brutality and violence. Rape, pillage, plunder, cannibalism, the more graphic, the better. His stuff isn't exactly beautiful, but it is intense, and it's very sought after.

The raver's family will be selling their own dog-eat-horse piece at an auction, where it's expected to sell somewhere north of $100,000.

Who knows what other treasures are buried in the attics of the Montreal rave community?
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