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Monday November 22nd, 2010

This moon worshiping raver leaves a trail of broken hearts and police reports wherever he goes. He can't enter a person's life without making it worst. He's a taker, not a giver, and when he takes, he takes everything he can. He's incapable of empathy, and there isn't a single kindhearted bone in his body. Like most cunning sociopaths, he makes up for his lack of heart with an abundance of charm.

He might be incapable of feeling sympathy, but he's a master at drawing it out of other people. He will make you cry like a ten ton onion. He's a confidence man, a huckster, a snake oil peddler.

He starts by reeling folks in with an improbable sob story about how terrible his life is. His apartment just burned down. His girlfriend killed herself. His parents were run over by wild horses. He was mugged by a dozen rabid twelve-year-olds. He was once molested by Mr. Rogers. He was framed for Michael Jackson's murder. He's recovering from amnesia and can't remember where he's from. Whatever. He'll come up with a yarn worthy of the Days of Our Lives, and deliver it with the eloquence and grace of a Shakespearean actor. No matter how ridiculous his story might be, it'll sound real.

Dozens of people around the country have bought his lies and felt his grief. And then, when he asked them if he could spend some time at their place while he gets back on his feet, they open their doors, their arms, and their hearts to him.

A week later, their stereo system is missing, their laptop's been pawned, their bank account's empty, and if they're daughters were stupid enough to sleep with him, they'll have chlamydia too.

No matter how often he does it, he never gets caught. He never pays a price for his crimes. He just keeps trolling the world, lying his way out of one disaster in to another.

Watch out, Canada. The Moon Man is still out there, running his scams. You've been warned.
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