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Sunday November 21st, 2010

His job was to save her life, but he decided he'd rather rape her instead.

Some punk ass bitch slipped roofies into this young girls drinks while she was out clubbing at a local raver watering hole on Jean Talon. Her friends called for an ambulance after they realized booze couldn't explain how out of it their friend was.

Grabby Hands the paramedic showed up, all smiles and teeth and reassurance. He loaded the girl into the ambulance with the help of his non creepy partner, and then they headed for the hospital. Grabby Hands spent the trip there alone in the back of the ambulance with his patient. He was supposed to be monitoring her condition, but instead he gave her some penile injections and took pictures of it on his cellphone.

Unfortunately for the paramedic, his victim wasn't knocked out, she was just paralyzed. She was fully aware of what he was doing, so his creeptastic ways were reported to a nurse once the girl had recovered enough to talk about it.

Grabby Hands denied the charges, but saliva on his victim's chest matched his own, which sealed his fate. When the cops asked him to hand over his phone, he thought he'd be clever and give them his wife's phone, which he pretended was his own. That didn't work out too well for him.

Now he's not only been charged with sexual assault, but obstructing justice for trying to pull a fast one over on the cops.

It's pretty bad out there when the people who are supposed to help you out are the very one's who will take advantage of you. Given the way the justice system operates, expect Grabby Hands to get off lightly.
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