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Saturday November 20th, 2010

He's a crazy drug peddling lunatic with a penchant for violence. Three years ago, he took a young stoner under his wings, and introduced the boy to the Montreal rave scene. The pair have been inseparable ever since, and when this young kid turned seventeen last month, the older man decided to help him lose his virginity. He didn't do this by bending the boy over a couch and taking it himself, though. He might be a terrible person, but he isn't a cradle robbing card carrying member of NAMBLA, either.

Instead, our crooked buddy got one of his clients to service his young protegee in return for an eight ball of cocaine. The woman who made this raver boy a man wasn't the classiest of wenches. Not only was she willing to pop a barely seventeen year old kid's cherry in exchange for coke, she was down with doing it despite being twenty years older than him, and nearly eight months pregnant.

The boy and the woman did the deed in the back of the dealer's Volvo, which was parked just outside a bar over in the Plateau. It took all of five minutes for the big bellied, baby carrying coke whore to thoroughly devirginize the child. The older man snapped a few pictures to celebrate this transformative moment in his young pupil's life. As for the woman, she felt bad about how long the kid lasted, so they hooked up again later that week for a little longevity training.
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