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Friday November 19th, 2010

A raver was hospitalized on Tuesday after being brutally beaten by a very angry and photo shy acquaintance. The beat-down took place after the raver posted several pictures of the man on a social website. When his acquaintance found out about the pictures through some friends, he asked the raver to take them down. The raver refused, and things escalated. Eventually, the acquaintance tracked the raver down to a bar he often hung out at on Tuesday nights. They started arguing, which is when the acquaintance grabbed a beer pitcher and smashed it over the raver's head.

The raver fell to the floor, and he jumped on top of him, then proceeded to punch him repeatedly in the face. It didn't take long for people to pull him off of the raver, but by then the damage was done -- the raver was knocked out, and had to be rushed to the hospital. He received a concussion, a broken nose, a split lip, and lost two teeth in the attack. The acquaintance, meanwhile, was arrested for aggravated assault.

The pictures at the heart of this feud have since vanished from the raver's profile, but people who have seen them claim that the photos were essentially benign. The pics were taken at a party both men attended on Halloween, and the attacker was only briefly featured in a few of them, and even then, only in the background. They weren't unflattering photos, either. That didn't seem to matter to the attacker, though. Apparently, he's a huge privacy buff, and was pissed off that anyone would post his picture online without his permission. When the raver wouldn't take the pictures down, he went ballistic.
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