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Thursday November 18th, 2010

Two promoters were wrapping up after a party on Sunday, when the freight elevator they were taking broke down. Unfortunately for our dashing duo of party making hedonists, the building manager was out of town for the weekend, and they couldn't get a hold of him on their phone.

The building they were trapped in was almost entirely deserted on weekends, and the two floors they were caught between were completely empty. The few businesses that were open were on the first two floors, and they only used the freight elevators on weekdays. The ravers tried yelling out for help, but no one ever heard them scream.

They thought about calling 911 to see if the fire department could help pry them out of their situation, but one of the promoters was paranoid that if they called, the cops would show up and arrest him for drug possession. He smelled like pot, and the backpack he had on him was full of illicit contraband that he'd been selling throughout the night. He convinced his friend not to call them for help. Instead, the two kept calling the building manager, hoping against hope that he'd show up sometime soon.

Eventually, after wasting about thirty minutes in the elevator, the promoters had a simple and obvious idea -- to call one of their friends to come to the warehouse and help free them. Had they made this call sooner, it would have saved them hours of discomfort. They didn't. Their phones had almost been out of energy when they first stepped into the elevator, and had run out of juice by the time they decided to start calling people who were actually in Montreal.

The terrible twosome were now completely stuck in this freight elevator, and there was no way they were going to get out unless someone found them, or the building manager checked his voice mail. Well, the manager did end up checking his voice mail -- Monday morning, at 6am. When he found out what happened, he called maintenance, and sent some guys over. They got the freight elevator working, and when the doors opened, they found the two party boys spooning together on the floor.

They were in that elevator for nearly eighteen hours.

Bright side to the story? Building manager gave them a refund on their rental. A day locked up in an elevator saved them a thousand bucks in rent.
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