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Thursday November 4th, 2010

A trance DJ found himself in the back of a police car Wednesday night after getting caught in the middle of a fight between his pornstar friend, some hookers, and a very angry pimp. The DJ and his greasy buddy were out having a beer at a bar near St-Catherine and St-Laurent, when the adult filmstar decided he wanted to score some snatch. Instead of trying his luck with the women at the bar, he chose to hire a hooker. He told the DJ he'd be back in thirty minutes, and went off in search of poon.

He knew where to look, so it didn't take long for him to find one. The pornstar and the hooker spent twenty minutes in one those hourly motel rooms in Montreal's red light district before the star decided he was unhappy with the quality of the hooker's work. He told her to stop, she asked for her money, and he refused to pay the full price. This didn't sit well with her. He didn't care. He left the hotel. She followed him. They started arguing. Her hooker friends, who were hanging out at the entrance of another bawdy hotel heard the argument, and made their way to over to the quarreling couple. Soon, the porn-star was surrounded by a bunch of prostitutes, all of whom were yelling at him. That's when the pimp arrived, and things got violent.

The trance DJ was still drinking beer at the pub, hanging out by the window, when he saw his pornstar friend, who had a bloody nose, running away from three hookers and a pimp armed with a giant metal chain. The DJ looked on in shock before deciding to run after the group to find out what the hell was going on. Before he could get any answers though, the cops arrived, and everyone involved in the chase was detained while they figured out what to do. The DJ spent an hour in the back of a cruiser with one of the hookers, who he later friended in real life.

The police took everyone's statement, but in the end no one was brought in, and no charges were pressed. The pornstar, the pimp, the hookers, and the DJ all went their seperate ways to live, fight and fuck another day.
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