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Friday November 5th, 2010
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A West Island raver is currently in the dog house with his friends and family after his girlfriend found pictures of him having sex with her pet Yorkshire Terrier.

Two weeks ago, his girlfriend was chilling out at his place, surfing the web on his computer when Firefox's auto-fill function offered her a link to a prominent bestiality forum. She was looking for Digg but got Dog Fuckers instead. A quick search of her beau's hard drive brought up several folders of man-on-beast action. Videos, pictures, books -- whatever a dedicated dog lover would be interested in, he had it. His collection of anonymous puppy porn would have been bad enough, but then the girl found a folder named Paris, which was the name of her dog. She clicked on it and was horrified by the numerous photographs of her boyfriend engaged in a variety of indecent acts with her beloved pet. Doggy style, Cunnilingus, peanut butter fellatio, you name it, he had done it.

Humiliated by the fact that her boyfriend was sexually abusing her dog, she was at first reluctant to discuss the matter with anyone. However, after an emotional break-up, she informed her now ex-boyfriend's family about his particular taste in women (four legged & covered in fur), and asked them to get him some help. The family freaked out, her ex's sister told some of her friends, who informed the ex's friends, and now everyone knows about his bizarre sex life.

No one knows what his next move will be, but don't be surprised if he tries to turn over a new leaf by leaving Montreal and moving to a city where no one knows about his puppy pounding predilections.
Previous: PIMP FIGHT
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