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Sunday December 5th, 2010

She was young and out for fun. This suburban princess from Pierrefonds had just turned eighteen, and to celebrate her first day as an adult, her friends brought her downtown for a night of non-stop partying. They started with a bar run at 8pm, turned to clubbing at 11pm, before wrapping the night up with some after hours fun at 3am. By the time they reached their final destination, the ladies were all drunk and tired. They needed a boost of energy, so they decided to buy some cocaine from a dealer at the club they were at.

Our suburban princess had never done any hard drugs before. She was all pot and beer, and maybe a few mushrooms now and then. Coke, though, was a whole other beast, one she wasn't prepared to ride, as she would come to learn.

Our festive lasses threw caution to the wind, and headed for the ladies room to sniff a few lines of nose candy. Most of the girls handled the rush with aplomb, but the princess didn't fare so well. Half an hour after her dance with the white stuff, she was throwing her clothing at people on the dance floor, yelling like a lunatic, and basically acting like a two year old on a sugar high. Common sense had escaped her, and she was now in some kind of weird delirium.

She became seperated from her friends, but didn't care. She decided she wanted more coke, but realized she had no money left on her. She looked in her purse, took out her bank card, and decided to take some money out from the club's ATM machine. Unfortunately, the machine had a small line-up in front of it, and she was too coked up to want to wait. She tapped the shoulder of the guy in front of her, who was a complete stranger, gave him her bank card and password, and asked him if he could take out some money for her while she was out dancing. He could find her on the floor when he was done. The man smiled, said sure, and off she went.

The rest of the night is very fuzzy. She woke up the next day at her friends house with a terrible hangover and very little knowledge of how she got back home. She vaguely remembered giving a total stranger her bank card though, and started to freak out. When she couldn't find the card in her purse, fear started gripping her heart. She logged into her online bank account on her friend's laptop and was crestfallen to discover that it was $500 lighter than it had been the day before. The stranger she gave her card and password to had maxed out her daily withdrawal limit. She called the bank, canceled her card, and spent the rest of the day beating herself up for being so stupid. She swore never to do cocaine again, which isn't surprising. It's a hell of a drug.
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