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Monday December 6th, 2010

He's a ladies' man with a party van. Wherever he goes, he brings a party in tow. He spends his days cruising the city for hot women and good times. The back of his ravemobile is equipped with the finest liquor, the hardest drugs, and the tightest music system money can buy. His ride is so epic, that people don't even flinch at the fact that he's a forty five year old man who surrounds himself with twenty year old women. They call him Papa, he calls them doll, and their evenings are spent in an erotic free for all.

Papa loves the party life so much, that he refuses to ever stop. This often causes him a considerable deal of trouble, but he's an act first, think later sort of fellow. His lengthy criminal record would attest to that. The most recent of his tangles with the law took place several days ago, when he refused to leave an empty parking lot that he and his ladie friends were loitering in. Their van was blasting out acid house so loudly that the neighbours had called the cops the complain.

The police eventually showed up and asked the crew to leave the area. Papa wasn't having it. He told the officers he had no intention to leave, and when they insisted, he started throwing punches. The cops caught them and threw a few back his way, which incited his little harem into action. They started piling on to the officers. The girls weren't the fiercest of fighters though, and it wasn't long before Papa and his dolls were all rounded up and arrested.

Have no fear, Papa fans, because the man with the van always pulls through. No matter how often he breaks the law, no matter how often he finds himself in prison, he always ends up back on the streets, sharing phat beats with loose women and loaded men. The lesson you can learn from Papa's misadventures is that, most of the time, when you break the law, the consequences aren't that bad.

Rave on, kids. Life is short. You'll lose more by following the rules then you will by breaking them.
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