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Monday June 11th, 2018

Salvio Anhero is a 24 year old machinist turned pick-up artist who has made a name for himself as a result of his unusual, and many would say unethical, dating advice. “If you pretend to be suicidal, women will throw themselves at you,” says Salvio. “I first realized this after accidentally cutting myself on the job. I was working on a construction site and a piece of metal slashed my wrist. I had to spend a week with a bandage around the cut, which is when I noticed all these women smiling at me wherever I went. Some of them would even approach me and start conversations, which never used to happen. It took awhile for me to realize that I was receiving this treatment because my bandage made it look like I had tried to kill myself. This was my a-ha moment. Women love self-destructive men.”

The young machinist turned his insight into a dating advice empire. “Once I realized that women went out of their way to talk to me if they thought I was suicidal, I started pretending that I was a depressive emotional mess all the time,” says Salvio. “I wore a bandage around my wrist wherever I went, and then when women would talk to me, I’d shift our conversation to how sex was the only thing keeping me alive.”

Salvio spent a year perfecting his pick up artist skills, eventually launching, a website where he teaches men how to get laid by using what he calls “suicide game”. That’s a set of so-called flirting techniques that involve convincing women that you are mentally ill and one of the only things that’ll stop you from blowing your brains out is a blow job.

“Do you know what the best pick-up line in the world is?” asks Salvio. “I want to kill myself. Say these five magic words to a random woman on the street, and her panties will drop faster than you can say Justin Bieber. Make sure you point to your bandage while telling her you’re suicidal. That will get her extra excited.”

Salvio has earned many enemies with his website, especially among the mental health community. Dr. Rael Serieux of the You Matter A Lot Foundation was an early critic. “Suicide isn’t the kind of thing you should take lightly,” says Dr. Serieux. “Treating it like it’s a joke or a pick-up routine is tacky and in poor taste. I hope vulnerable people who stumble across this heinous man’s work realize that life is important, and that no matter how dark things get, things will get better. Reach out and get help. I hope that we, as a society, will eventually make it impossible for men like Salvio Anhero to profit off suicide.”
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