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Monday July 30th, 2018

Woof Woof Palooza, a pitbull themed party organized by Toronto promoter Garth Fielderson, ended in tragedy after dozens of ravers were mauled by dogs. The event was billed as a pet lovers dream come true, and ravers who brought their pitbulls could attend for free. “It was supposed to be an opportunity for pit mommies and daddies to meet, network, and celebrate their love of pitbulls,” says attendee Jenna Plauteserré, “instead, it turned into a bloodbath of violence and regret.”

Police have arrested Mr. Fielderson on several charges, including animal cruelty and criminal negligence. That’s only the beginning of his legal woes, as many party goers are lining up to sue the promoter for damages. “Pitbulls are the some of the safest, nicest dogs in the world,” says Jenna. “The fact that so many of them went crazy and started biting people at this party suggests that the promoter failed to create a safe environment for them.”

Animal rights activist Brad Day agrees. “Let’s be brutally honest — raves are dangerous places for animals,” says Brad. “You shouldn’t lock a bunch of pitbulls in a room full of drug addled party kids. It’s a recipe for disaster. The dogs will be incredibly anxious, and in their anxiety they’ll end up doing what they have to do to make themselves feel better. In this case, the pitbulls decided to maul a bunch of ravers. Who can blame them? It’s a completely predictable response. I’m baffled that anyone thought a pitbull rave was a good idea.”
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