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Friday August 3rd, 2018

Chipwizz, the world’s first incel rave, will soon rock the beaches of Vancouver with a chiptune lineup sure to make angry virgins forget their rage for at least an evening. The controversial pro-incel party was the brainchild of Todd Donun, a 24 year old party promoter and involuntarily celibate man from Burnaby.

“Incels get a bad rap,” says Todd, “and they don’t deserve it. I wanted to throw an event that celebrated the incel community, an event that said that even though everyone hates us, we can love ourselves. And what better way to express our self-love than by dancing to chiptune tracks, the official music genre of the incel community?”

Many incels share this view. “I can’t wait for Chipwizz,” says Vlad Vladostov, a 34 year old chiptune DJ and incel advocate from Seattle. “In a lot of ways, this event isn’t just a coming out party for incels, but also a coming out party for the chiptune community. It’s a way of letting the world know that not only are incels great, but we're the ones responsible for chiptune music. It’s a little known fact, but over 85% of chiptune artists are incels. If psytrance is the music of degenerate hippies, and vaporwave is the music of cyber-fascists, and happy hardcore is the music of creepy old men who hang outside of schools looking at children with binoculars, then chiptune is the music of unwanted and involuntarily celibate men and women. And that’s something that people need to know. We use our suffering to create beautiful music."

Todd agrees. “Chiptune music is an incel art form, and no one realizes that — and that needs to change. People will continue to fear incels if all they know about us is that we want Western civilization to collapse because we can’t get laid,” says Todd. “Incels are more than just sex starved reactionaries, though. We’re also passionate creators of nostalgia based 8-bit techno music. And if people get to know that side of our community, maybe they won’t be afraid of us so much -- maybe they'll even go down on a few of us. I think that'd be pretty cool.”
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