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Tuesday May 3rd, 2016

Montreal promoter Diana East says tickets to the city’s first axe throwing party are already sold out. “Every last ticket was bought up within 24 hours of our website for the event going online,” says Diana. “It went viral on Facebook. We didn’t realize there was such a strong demand for axe throwing parties in Montreal.”

Ticket buyers say they can’t wait to attend the event. “I’ve always felt that there was something missing at most raves,” says 24 year old University student Kayla Jennings. “And I think axe throwing might be that secret ingredient that will turn a normal party into a transcendent heavenly experience. Once dancing becomes a life or death matter that involves dodging sharp axes, it should get your blood flowing and bring you close to nirvana.”

Diana says she got the idea for the city’s first axe throwing party from a recent trip to Denmark, where citizens have long thrown axes at their raves. “The Danes don’t rave the way typical Europeans do,” says Diana. “They always bring medieval weapons to their parties and throw them in the air throughout the night. When I went to my first Danish rave, it really opened my eyes to how exciting techno can be, and that’s why I’ve decided to recreate that dangerous atmosphere in Montreal.”
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