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Wednesday May 4th, 2016

New York’s DJ Clopclop was arrested over the weekend after he played Public Enemy’s famous song Fuck Tha Police during a rave raid. The arrest has incensed thousands of the popular DJs fans who have vowed to organized protests across the country in retaliation. “No one messes with Clopclop and gets away with it,” says protest organizer Baron Beaverbrook. “We’re coordinating efforts with Clopclop fans across the internet to make the police understand that they aren’t above the law. Clopclop did nothing wrong.”

Moderators at say that their userbase will take to the streets on May 7th in order to send police officers across America a powerful message. “The clopclop community is a strong proponent of freedom of speech,” says moderator Matt Klepek. "We want justice for DJ Clopclop! He was well within his rights to play Fuck Tha Police during that raid. His arrest was a crime against humanity and we clopcloppers demand that the charges against him be dismissed.”

DJ Clopclop says that the situation has been blown out of proportion and has asked his fans not to follow through with their planned protests. “It’s not a big deal,” says DJ Clopclop. “There are so many more important causes out there to protest, and I hope the clopclop community can channel their anger about my arrest towards more productive causes.”
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