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Thursday February 11th, 2016

Valentine’s day is around the corner and love doctors across the nation are urging people in relationships to Narnia and Chill. “Narnia and chill is like netflix chill, but with less sex and more LSD,” says Nova Scotia’s number one love guru, Dr. Vince Vawn. “Study after study has been made that shows that taking hallucinogenic drugs with your loved ones helps deepen bonds while healing emotional trauma.”

Dr. Vawn says Narnia and Chill became a country wide fad after teenagers from Montreal began referring to their weekly LSD trips as traveling to Narnia.”Some doctors ended up studying those teenagers, and they realized that they had incredibly healthy and loving relationships.” Several of these children grew up to become relationship therapists, teaching people how to connect to their partners with a little hallucinogenic help. “The original Narnia travellers revolutionized relationship therapy, though their pioneering work only came to light after one of their VHS tapes leaked on to the internet,” says Dr. Vawn.

The tape in question, which the internet has dubbed The Narnia Love Letter, features several eighteen year olds engaged in an LSD fuelled cuddle party while screaming the words PLUR over and over again. “It’s an incredibly powerful demonstration of what LSD can to do to revitalize your love life,” says Dr. Dawn. “Really heart warming stuff.”
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