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Wednesday May 6th, 2015

Psychiatrists have long known that raving is today's leading cause of post traumatic stress disorder among men and women of all ages, but until 17-year-old Goss Morin came along, they didn’t have much success in getting the word out to the public. Goss has quickly become a famous public speaker for Rave Induced PTSD, a condition that afflicts hundreds of millions of people worldwide. He’s traveled around the globe giving speeches at hundreds of schools in dozens of countries.

Goss will in Montreal for the next two weeks on a whirlwind speaking tour that will see him drop by twenty schools in ten day. “I want to share my experiences with students so that they think twice before going to a rave,” says Goss. “It’s important that teenagers know the dangers of raving. It’s the number one cause of PTSD in the world. People are under the mistaken belief that veterans are the biggest sufferers of PTSD, but they’re not. Soldiers are actually only the third most common sufferers of PTSD. Ravers are the first and feminists on twitter are the second."

Goss says he came down with PTSD after attending a Psytrance party in the fall of 2013. “I took some LSD and was tripping balls at this outdoor Goa party,” says Goss. “I remember sitting under a tree, just bobbing my head to the music when I felt my brain stop working. It was like there was this switch inside of me that the music flipped off, and suddenly everything good in the world just disappeared. I started screaming and screaming and screaming, and a guy with dreads came by and gave me a vicks vaporub back massage, which just caused me to scream even more."

Eventually paramedics arrived and gave Goss some valium. “I woke up in the hospital later that night, and ever since then, I’ve had severe rave induced anxiety.” Now Goss says a day doesn’t go by when he doesn’t break out in a sweet. “Anything that reminds me of a rave will cause me to break out in hives. If I see a white person wearing dreads out in public, it triggers me and I break down into tears. The moment I hear that womp-womp dubstep sound, I start rocking back and forth. I can’t help it."

Goss hopes his experiences with raver trauma will stop other teenagers from getting burned. “They need to know that every party they go to is a game of russian roulette,” says Goss. “No one is safe from rave induced PTSD. No one.
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