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Tuesday June 23rd, 2015

Dozens of women protested outside Montreal’s Club Bourgeosie on Friday night to draw attention to what they call it's discriminatory and misogynistic dress code. “They won’t let women in who don’t have high heels on,” says protester Ang Gribiva. “I thought our society had moved past this nonsense, but we haven’t. We still live a world where men can dictate what women wear."

Maxwell Longbottom, Club Bourgeosie’s owner, says that his establishment doesn’t discriminate against women. “We discriminate against slobs,” says Maxwell. “We’re a black tie club, both men and women are expected to dress appropriately. Yes, we’re old fashioned. We have a dress code and we are serious about enforcing it. Women can wear tuxedoes if they’re that committed to wearing flat shoes, but if they have a gown on, we expect them to wear heels. If they don’t like it, they can always attend one of those low class bars full of drunken hooligans and crystal meth users. We’re strictly a cocaine and bentley’s kind of place. We operate at a different level, one where women still remember how to be feminine, and men still have their balls firmly attached."

Ang says it’s exactly that kind of blunt talk that convinced her to organize a protest. “You know, I could have tolerated his dress code,” says Ang, "it’s his politically incorrect ideas that I can’t live with. Men need to learn that if they don’t police their thoughts, then activists will burn their businesses right down to the ground. Wrongthink must be purged from the world one protest at a time."

Ang says that until Maxwell learns the errors of his way and publicly repents for his wrong ideas, she and her friends will continue their protest. “Maxwell won’t receive our divine forgiveness until he opens his heart to the fact that his ideas are bad, and that makes him a bad person,” says Ang. “The key to his absolution is total spiritual capitulation before us. We are the voice of the one true way, and if he refuses to convert to our ideology, he will be cast into the fires of damnation for all eternity."

Maxwell disagrees. “Protesters are so low rent, they have no class at all. I wish people would stop treating them seriously. They’re petulant, whiney little children. The only power they have is the power we give them, and I’m certainly not going to give any power to people who dress like slobs."
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