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Tuesday July 22nd, 2014

Sociologists have long suspected that dancing is all about sex, and Montreal promoter Mario Soulon is taking that idea to heart. “People don’t go to raves to dance. They don’t go to raves for the music. They go to raves to get laid,” says Mario. “I figured, you know what, let’s skip the foreplay. People want to get laid, and I want to make it easier for them, so I decided to start throwing naked raves”

The idea of dancing nude might intimidate a lot of people, but Mario says it’s pretty easy. “First off, most people at my parties are so high on drugs, they don’t even realize that they’re naked,” says Mario. “Secondly, there’s that whole lemming effect going on. When you realize everyone around you is already naked, you don’t feel so ashamed about taking off your clothes.”

Ravers who have been to Mario’s naked parties say it’s like nothing they’ve ever experienced. “There’s something liberating about dancing in the buff,” says 19 year old raver Lisa Dufour. “Clothing gets in the way of the music. When you’re naked, you feel the beats more intensely.”

Mario doesn’t know if that’s true, but he doesn’t care. “Eh, if people think getting naked helps them dance, more power to them,” says Mario. "I just like the idea of nudity. I like the idea of not dicking around when it comes to sex. People make such a big deal about it. If you’re single and you’re going to a party, chances are you just want to get your stick wet or your box stuffed. Stop making a big deal about it, be honest, and let your shields down. If you’re half way normal and you don’t give off some weird ass red pill popping serial killer vibes, you’re going to go home from one of my events feeling crazy satisfied."

Not everyone is a fan of Mario’s sex heavy parties. “The idea that raving isn’t about the music is absurd,” says psytrance promoter Rufus Duddlefeathers. “Raving isn’t about sex, it’s about transcending the limits of the human ego by taking copious amounts of hallucinogenic drugs and dancing to repetitive music made on a laptop. Anyone who doesn’t see that is a total scumbag.”
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