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Wednesday September 19th, 2012

Carly Jacobs was poised to snitch on her ex boyfriend Mitch Oshawa's meth dealing business over the weekend but backed out at the last minute. "I managed to convince Carly that Mitch was a dangerous criminal who was ruining lives," said Todd Ryerson, Mitch's old high-school friend. "She was going to help bring him to justice, but then she chickened out and told Mitch everything."

Mitch Oshawa found the whole business amusing. "I saw Carly on Friday at this dubstep event. She had this guilty look on her face that she get whenever she does something wrong, so I knew something was up. I just kept harassing her until she told me what was going on. That's when she shared her master plan for putting me behind bars. She was going to show police all these emails I'd sent her when I first started cooking meth, and then tell them about how my operation had evolved since it first started. She knew everything from where I kept my equipment to where I hid my spreadsheet files that I use to keep track of my sales. I could have been in real trouble, but she got her head on straight after I slapped her. She was really apologetic, which is good. She knows her place. Anyways, when I got back home, I hacked into her email account and deleted all the incriminating emails I had sent her. I swiped my hard-drive, moved my meth lab, and now instead of spreadsheets, I have a notebook that I hide in a secure location. I'm much more careful now about getting caught now."

Todd was devastated by Carly's betrayal. "It hurt like hell when I found out. Mitch got several of my friends hooked on meth. He got my younger brother, who's barely 14, addicted to the drug. He's ruining lives, and he's got to be stopped. What I don't get is that he's also abusive. He used to beat Carly all the time. He's an abusive prick, and yet she broke down and told him everything. It's a bloody tragedy."

Carly defended her decision to tell Mitch about their plan to turn him in. "Mitch, I think, is a good guy underneath it all. Sure, he used to hit me now and then, and sometimes he trades meth for sex with vulnerable underage girls, and I know he's partly responsible for at least three people trying to kill themselves, and sure there countless other lives he's probably ruined. But that doesn't mean he's a bad person who should go to jail. He deserves better than that. I was stupid to want to punish him."
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