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Wednesday November 30th, 2011

ST-HENRI - Erin Schiefer is a B.C native who landed in Montreal with stars in her eyes. "When I first got here in 2008, I had big dreams", says Erin, "but I never expected to become the rave scenes number one pastry provider."

Ms. Schiefer has been fattening up ravers since she first landed in town back in 2008. "I started by making 8-bit themed cookies and snacks. Zelda cupcakes, pac-man candies, that sort of thing. I was just selling to a few local stores and to friends, but one day, I was at a party and this skeevy happy hardcore promoter hit on me", recounts Erin. "And he was really vulgar. He mentioned wanting to eat something of mine that I won't repeat. At first, I was too shocked to say anything, but later that day... an idea struck me and I spent the whole night baking."

And that's how vagina cupcakes were born.

"Baking them was my way of dealing with being harassed by a creepy pervert. I was just letting off steam, I never expected them to be such a hit, but everyone I knew wanted to eat them. They were especially popular with ravers. Ravers like eating naughty bits, especially when they're made of chocolate and covered in sugar."

Jarred Vandervelden, a local promoter, was an early enthusiast of the x-rated pastries. "The moment I first saw her cupcakes, I knew I had to sell them at my party. I had her bake up over three hundred and they were all gone within the first two hours."

Vagina cupcakes were only the beginning for Erin. "Once I realized how disturbed the Montreal rave scene was, I started baking up all sorts of weird treats. You'd be surprised by how many ravers buy my goatse cakes. I sold ten of them last week."

Our gifted baker has plans to open up a store. "Right now, three promoters are carrying my baked goods. I should have enough saved up by next summer to finally open up my shop." says Erin, a smile on her face. "I'm going to call it Raver's Delight."
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