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Tuesday October 19th, 2010

Ted got more than he bargained for that night. It was one of Montreal's first major outdoor techno parties, and our naive, seventeen year old raver bought some pot from a couple of guys in the tent next to his. It wasn't your average marijuana, though. It had a little special something thrown in. Who knows what the mystery ingredient was -- this party happened over a decade ago, and no one ever found out the truth behind the weed. Maybe there was nothing special about it at all. Maybe Ted was always crazy, and the pot just made it obvious to everyone. Or maybe there really was something in it. Maybe the marijuana was laced with some kind of hallucinogenic that could be smoked, like DMT, and getting high on it without forewarning broke him. All we know for certain is that Ted went off the deep end that night.

He smoked the mystery weed he bought from his neighbours, and within minutes, he was running all over the place. He was convinced that E.T was chasing after him. When people finally caught up with Ted, he told them that the phone loving alien was hunting him with a shotgun, telling him he was going to die a bloody and violent death. E.T wanted Ted dead, big time.

Ted never came down. To this day, he's still convinced that E.T is trying to kill him. His family eventually had to get him institutionalized.

Drugs can be a wonderful thing. They heal bodies and minds, they're great hedonistic tools, and are powerful therapeutic agents in the hands of the qualified and the educated. However, there's a definite risk that comes with taking drugs you know nothing about, a risk that is multipled by not knowing anything about your own mental health. Not everyone who smokes pot or takes DMT goes crazy, but it's been known to happen.
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