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Monday October 18th, 2010

Watch your backs folks, the needle jabber is back. Many of you probably remember when, years ago, a sociopath was running around in crowded clubs stabbing people with dirty needles. Several copy cats later jumped into the needle stabbing game, though thankfully none of the needles the crew of loonies were using were contaminated with deadly diseases.

It's been over five years since the needle jabbing epidemic died down, and apparently the creeps are crawling out of the woodworks and starting their twisted game all over again. The usual modus operandi of these cretins is to find a very, very crowded club or rave to hide in, and then stab people when the rooms are packed to the brims. The more folks in the room, the easier it is for these slimeballs to get away with their work.

It takes a particularly broken human being to stab a random innocent person with a needle. The recent crew of needle attackers, though, are even worst then the last. Not only do they jab their victims with a needle, they also slap stickers on them at the same time with things like "Welcome to the HIV club!" and "Hope you like Hepatitis!" on them. To date, there are no reported cases of people actually catching a disease by getting stabbed by a random psychopath. Chances are, the needle jabbers are just jerks and trolls who get a visceral thrill by ruining a person's night.

You can never be too cautious -- if you find yourself the victim of the jabber gang, call 911 and get yourself tested.
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