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Saturday November 27th, 2010

Four men and three women, all of them from Pointe-Claire, are now looking forward to a winter full of community service as penance for throwing an illegal rave at Cap St-Jacques earlier this summer.

The police realized something was amiss in the peaceful borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro when they noticed an abnormally large amount of late-night traffic headed towards the beach, which isn't open after 10pm. They set up a road block, and started turning people away, but by then a huge group of people had already gathered at the Cap. Instead of risking the wrath of an increasingly hostile group of party goers, the officers moved the ravers over to an unused parcel of farm land with the consent of that property's owner.

The event had been organized through an online social site, and well over eight hundred people ended up getting through before the barriers went up. Instead of risking a riot, the cops let the party go on, but vehicles were stopped and searched as they left the party. Anyone who had any equipment of any kind ended up getting arrested for holding an unlicensed event.

Most of the defendants claimed they weren't the ones who organized the party, while a few of them claimed that they only brought the gear because they assumed that the party had been licensed.

Stanley Feinbaum, 25, Jacques Lavigne, 18, Nicholas Hedgerow, 19, Jonathan Sterling, 22, Natalie Hochman, 18, Julie Thibault, 20, and Carolyn Fennyl, 23, all entered guilty pleas and were sentenced to 100 hours of unpaid work as well as fined $750 each.
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