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Tuesday November 2nd, 2010

A once darling Montreal DJ was arrested over the weekend in a public restroom where he was busy enjoying the finer aspects of a makeshift glory hole. He was charged with public indecency along with four other men. Our group of lustful adventurers were all dressed in Catholic priest costumes at the time of their arrest. Even our former wunderkind DJ.

A glory hole is a hole in a wall, or some other kind of partition, through which people either engage in various sexual acts or observe others engaging in those acts. The wall provides anonymity between the two sides. Common body parts that are inserted through the glory hole are penises, fingers, and tongues.

Detective Robert Dobbs of the Montreal Police said he discovered the priestly glory hole excursion after broswing the adult section of a popular online classified site. The ad in question was a call for religiously flavored anonymous public sex. The brazen nature of the act forced the police to shut it down. You wouldn't want a little kid walking into that bathroom where the glory hole exchange was going on.

Detective Dobbs was emphatic that glory holes put all their participants at risk.

"Some glory holes are perfectly legal -- if it's on private property and money doesn't change hands, there's nothing we can do. That doesn't stop them from being incredibly dangerous. You just don't know who might be on the other side of that wall. It could be a serial killer or a violent rapist. Someone might have a knife and use it to cut off whatever goes through that hole," Dobbs said.
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