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Wednesday September 19th, 2018

Vancouver’s DJ Quizlabia isn’t just making waves with her unique take on Future Bass, she’s also earning a cult following thanks to her used tampon business. “She’s the queen of the red rag,” says fetish enthusiast Carlos Carmesi. “No one in the soiled garment kink scene has approached the subject with her artistry or craft. She’s not only selling her used tampons, she’s transforming them into pieces of art that you can’t help but find captivating.”

Even mainstream art connoisseurs are taking notice of her blood soaked art. “Normally, I don’t like buying people’s used tampons,” says art gallery owner Dolan Rutherford. “However, DJ Quizlabia isn’t selling mere tampons, she’s selling beautiful embodiments of the Western feminine fact. She arranges her tampons into tableaus that confront you with the gendered power dynamics of our oppressive and patriarchal lily white cisnormative society. Her tampon tableaus are a revelation, a shock to the dominant white male consensus that imposes itself and recreates itself through the commodification of these hygiene products, among other things.”

Dolan believes that DJ Quizlabia may even be the next Picasso. “Her tampons are her brushes and her blood is her paint, and with these two things, she is able to create art the likes of which we have never seen. I could spend hours, months even, simply gazing at her crimson red creations. It’s so easy to lose yourself in her bloody effusions. I hope everyone eventually gets to experience her glory in person. Tampon art has never been this transcendent.”
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