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Monday June 25th, 2018

Oswald Gurney, a sixty five year old hippie from Longueil, has filed a complaint with the Quebec Human Rights committee after he was expelled from Goapaluza, a psytrance party organized by the Groku Collective. “This is a clear case of age based discrimination,” says Oswald. “They kicked me out of their party because they thought I was too old for the event. I have been attending raves for decades, and I find it baffling that younger psytrance promoters think it’s okay to ban old people from their events. What ever happened to PLUR?”

The case will be heard by the committee later this summer. Kitty Diddler, spokesperson for the Groku Collective, says that their decision to exclude older people from their parties was taken in order to ensure the safety of younger party goers. “Unfortunately, baby boomers who came of ages in the 60s and 70s have cultural values that many younger ravers find deeply offensive, even dangerous,” says Kitty. “In order to protect the sexual and moral integrity of our guests, we felt it was necessary to ban old people from our events. We stand by our decision. It’s not our fault that baby boomers are bad people.”

Oswald is baffled by The Groku Collective’s intolerance. “They go around pointing their fingers calling others bad people, meanwhile they’re imposing a blanket ban on an entire generation,” says Oswald. “It’s one thing to ban someone for their actions, but my only crime was being old enough to remember the glory days of raving. I’m tired of living in a society where baby boomers are marginalized by intolerant millennials.”

Oswald has organized a protest in front of the Groku Collective’s office scheduled for later this week. “I won’t take this sitting down. I’ve called dozens of old folks homes and retirement communities. Hundreds of us old people will be outside the Groku Collective’s doors, fighting for our right to party. Raving isn’t just for young kids!”
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