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Wednesday June 20th, 2018

Godfrey Goshwitz, the owner of Toronto’s Maple Mammaries strip club, has come under fire for bringing his eight year old daughter to work. “It was bring your kid to work day at school,” says Godfrey. “So I did exactly that. I’m not sure why everyone is making a big deal about it. Strip clubs are perfectly legal, it’s not like I had her dance around the pole or gave her shots of whiskey. She was just there shadowing me as I managed the club. Nothing happened that was salacious or dangerous, unless you consider book keeping, accounting, and managing a business to be child abuse.”

Child welfare advocates disagree, and are calling on the government to intervene. “Anyone who is dumb enough to bring an eight year old child to a strip club should not be allowed around children,” says Peggie Danslecu, a retired social worker who now spends her days complaining about men on Twitter. “Mr. Goshwitz isn’t fit to be a father. His daughter should be taken from him and handed out to the foster care system.”

Godfrey thinks the controversy is overblown. “Look, if my actions were wrong, then my daughter’s school should have clearly stated that certain places of employment were unsuitable for children,” says Godfrey. “They didn’t. If anyone should be censured or punished for this, it should be her school. However, I don’t think any one was in the wrong, because in our enlightened times strip clubs have become suitable environments for people of all ages.”
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