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Monday June 18th, 2018

Vancouver’s DJ Dafug was arrested over the weekend after he was caught sexually violating a pitbull outside of a rave. Police say that the dog, named Goodboy, was owned by Rob Tall, the party’s promoter. “Apparently, DJ Dafug was upset about being short changed by Mr. Stall. DJ Dafug was high on meth, and for whatever reason, he decided to get revenge on the promoter by sexually violating his dog,” says Sgt. Emma Phun of the Vancouver police department.

Rob was severely traumatized upon learning what happened to his dog. “Who does that? Who decides to have sex with a pitbull in public? That’s just vile man,” says Rob. “Yeah, sure, I didn’t pay him what I said I would for playing at my party, but that doesn’t give him the right to have sex with my dog. I don’t even understand how someone goes from ‘that guy owes me money’ to ‘I’ll fuck his dog’. How are those two things connected? What’s the logic? I mean, even the fact that he was on meth doesn’t explain it. There’s a lot of meth heads out there and most of them aren’t having sex with dogs.”

Meth expert Dr. Phil Tresvite agrees. “I have worked with a lot of meth users, and most of them don’t have sex with dogs,” says Dr. Tresvite. “Whatever compelled DJ Dafug to have sex with Goodboy, it wasn’t meth.”
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