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Friday December 21st, 2018

You might not have noticed it, but Bill Gates has quietly become the fashion icon for millions of well behaved party kids. From the streets of Brooklyn to the back alleys of Los Angeles, young adults and older teenagers are rebelling against rebellion by embracing the staid and stoic aesthetic of Seattle’s billionaire nerd king.

Gone are the days of punk rock and hip hop, of drum and bass and booty house—today’s teenagers prefer billcore. This aesthetic movement takes all its cues from the design and fashion choices that Bill Gates has made over his long and storied career. Nerdy and dorky is the new cool. “Modern party kids have a spirit animal, and that animal is named Bill Gates,” says fashion expert Les Tetons. “This generation has turned its back on risk and excitement. They prefer bland, boring, safe, functional, predictable. Today’s teenagers act like yesterday’s grandpas. It’s only natural that they’d embrace Bill Gates as the face of their generation.”

Billcore isn’t limited to clothing choices. The movement is more than what you put on your back. It’s an entire approach to life, a sensibility that permeates every aspect of the modern party kid’s existence. “You’ve got billcore music, billcore interior decor. There’s even a store in Brooklyn that sells mild billcore salsa. Bland is beautiful. Bland is the future.”
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