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Tuesday October 24th, 2017

San Francisco is a cultural powerhouse. It’s given the world steam beer, the mission burrito, and aids. It’s most recent contribution to human culture might be the most exciting, however. The men and women of the city by the bay have introduced a fun x-rated twist on the childhood classic game of Hot Potato.

For readers who grew up without friends, the game of hot potato is played by gathering in a circle with others and tossing an object around while a song plays in the background. Whoever is left holding the object at the end of the song loses. In San Francisco’s version of the game, which locals have dubbed Snot Potato, party goers are divided between spectators and players. The goal of the game is for players to place as many penises in their mouth as they can during the course of a single song, sucking on each penis as they move from spectator to spectator. Players who are on the receiving end of a semen explosion are declared Snot Potatos and are eliminated from the next round. The winner of Snot Potato gets to be at the centre of a bukkake ring while everyone chants the word “Cream Dip, Potato Chip!” over and over again.

This is the kind of cultural innovation only possible in a city like San Francisco. Snot Potato is their latest gift to the world, and the popularity of the game is only just beginning to rise. People have already started playing it in Houston, New York City, and Toronto. It’s only a matter of time before every city has an active Snot Potato scene, so get ready for the next big thing.
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